Careers at Shamco Lumber

Work with Shamco Lumber:

It’s tough these days to find a predictable, safe job with great perks. In short, we’re proud to offer year-round, full-time work in an environment that is safe and fun to work in.

  • Predictable – our group has been active in the Iron River and Upper Michigan community for decades. Shamco Lumber employees know they have reliable work – no “water faucet” effect where some weeks you’re working overtime followed by periods of no work / no pay.
  • High safety standards – our new, state-of-the-art mill makes our work safer than ever.
  • Great perks – enjoy above-average pay, many perks, production bonuses, and an overall upbeat and positive company culture. We work hard to provide an environment where people enjoy coming to work each day.

If you’re interested in working for Shamco Lumber, please email your resume to, call 906-265-9130, or complete the form below.